Pre-Order Jumbo Peregrine Space Craft

America's Space Force Fighter Space Craft 21" Jumbo Peregrine Ship is now available for pre-order.  This blog post outlines the various  development process stages we have undergone from initial concept art to prototyping. 
The "Peregrine" Toy Space Ship is part of the America's Space Force Toy Line and measures a stunning 21" long with a 16.5" wing span.  Making this our largest Toy space craft developed to date. 

The cockpit canopy opens and closes and can house 1 of any America's Space Force 6" Action Figures.  The Peregrine Toy Space Ship started with initial concept drawings as illustrated here.

Initial Concept Sketch of Peregrine Space Ship 

Refinements to the initial drawings came and a color scheme was developed. Space craft profile drawings were made to visualize the craft from all angles, to include side, front, top and under side as illustrated below.


Peregrine Space Ship various view points


Once the 2 dimensional sketches were completed it was time to sculpt the model in 3D and determine the scale of the craft.  Initial 3D sculpting can be found illustrated below.  

Determining the Scale of the Peregrine Space Craft

3D Modeling and Sculpting of Peregrin Space Craft

 After several months of sketching and sculpting it was time to begin the actual engineering design process.  By looking at how the toy would be manufactured and assembled. The below images outline the various space craft components, hinge details for the cockpit and molding the 'thruster cones', we tired to keep true to our original sketch designs without manufacturing compromises or extra cost for expensive slides in the mold. 

Thruster Cone Design for the Peregrine Space Ship
Cockpit hinge mechanism design with mockup action figure inside
Deconstruction of the Peregrine Space Craft
Deconstruction of the Peregrine Space Ship

After completing the engineering design it was time to move into the prototyping phase and bring the Peregrine Space ship to life, this of course was a very exciting time around here.  

Workshop image of Peregrine Space Craft prototype pre-assembly

Once all the prototype components were molded or printed it was time for assembly and paint. The below images outline the assembly and final paint of Divine Toys largest toy Space Craft.

Peregrine Space Ship assembled
Peregrine Space Craft Prototype Complete with Paint

This is an image of my Daughter Alicia (9 years old) holding the completed Space Craft you can really get a since of how large this thing is in the hands of 9 year old.

My Daughter Alicia holding the Peregrine Space Craft
Another picture of the completed Space Craft in Alicia's hands.
Alicia with the Peregrine Space Craft


 We are now accepting pre-orders for this space craft, you can place your order by clicking here  Our pre-order campaign is setup to generate approximately $55,000 dollars.  No product will be shipped until our pre-order goal is reached.
These pre-order funds will be used for factory tooling, mold creation and the production of your limited edition Peregrine Space Ship a unique toy not found in stores.   

Your support in taking this project to the finish line is most appreciated.  If we do not reach our pre-order goal by June 7, 2020 all contributors will receive a complete refund on their order.   

if you aren't interested in pre-orders but still want to help you can assist us by  check out our other product offerings below where proceeds will be used to reach our pre-order goals.   

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